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Mindfulness is a life skill which can enhance your sense of wellbeing, giving you the tools to help cope with the challenges of life. It is a state of "being" rather than "doing".

Mindfulness is a secular practice with its roots going back over 2500 years in Bhuddhist psychology. In the 1970's its use was pioneered in a therapeutic setting to cope with stress, pain and illness.

Researched benefits include: improvement in general health & vitality; stress reduction; and improvement of quality of life in sufferers of long term health conditions and those with chronic pain.

An 8 week MINDFULNESS BASED LIVING COURSE is a good way of getting started to developing a more mindful approach to life. Working in a group you benefit from mutual support and shared learning. This method enables an incremental approach to mindfulness and helps to maintain commitment to the practice. Guided audio practices on CD's and a manual are provided to use at home.

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